A rosary that knows when you pray

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One of our favourite new pieces of holy hardware is the eRosary, which twins with an app on your phone to turn your prayers digital. ‘Physically, the device consists of ten consecutive black agate and hematite rosary beads, and a smart cross which stores all the technological data connected to the app,’ intones the sales blurb.

It also promises that the eRosary is ‘a pedagogy to learn how to find the way to your inner belief,’ although goodness knows what incense the writer of that precious thought was inhaling at the time.

The eRosary is equipped with six gyro sensors that can detect your hand gestures (and possibly report them to the Vatican). So you only need to make the sign of the cross to activate the rosary and start praying. Presumably, if you flip someone the finger, or make other less than holy hand gestures, the app pauses and instructs you to report to your nearest confessional.

We’re testing this out and will report back.

The eRosary. Yours for just £99.

See Rupert Loydell’s poem on the eRosary, Religious futures

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