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‘Faith is a sales assistant in a large department store’
Darren Lago

Faith is the substance of things hoped for, the evidence of things not seen
Sales assistants are responsible for store cleaning and visual merchandising

Faith is thus understood as a kind of basic knowledge
Sales assistants are what the job scene is looking for

Faith is confidence or trust in a person, thing, or concept
Sales assistants work closely with the manager, staff and volunteers

Faith is generally the persuasion of the mind that a specific statement is true
Sales assistants are most commonly found in shops

Faith is a traveller’s story, a scatter of jasmine petals thrown to the night
Sales assistants have little real ability or skill

Faith is a fine invention
Sales assistants create this experience

Faith is defined as belief with strong conviction
Sales assistants answer questions and help

Faith is connecting with the God who holds all things together
Sales assistants interact directly with customers on the sales floor

Faith is an expression of hope for something better
Sales assistants oversee sales of products and services

Faith is not just a feeling
Sales assistants repack shelves and ensure that the store is clean

Faith is necessary for salvation
Sales assistants keep the stock room organized

Faith is the answer
Sales assistants remain calm when dealing with difficult customers

Faith is the eye through which we see the unseen
Sales assistants create attractive displays

Faith is not believing that God can, it is knowing
Sales assistants need to change how they work

Faith is an abstract concept and best understood by seeing it
Sales assistants retrieve boxed merchandise from the stock room

Faith is a verb, an action verb
Sales assistants get out what they put in

Faith is the currency of heaven
Sales assistants process orders

Faith is misplaced
Sales assistants offer genuine and effective insights

Faith is the art of holding on to things in spite of your moods and circumstances
Sales assistants are the face of a brand

Faith is belief in the power we possess within to change ourselves and the world around us
Sales assistants are reliable with a hands-on approach to work

Faith is about all the people
Sales assistants will enjoy developing great rapport

Faith is an encouragement to people to own up to, and learn from, their mistakes
Sales assistants could make a real difference

Rupert M Loydell

Rupert Loydell is Senior Lecturer in the School of Writing and Journalism at Falmouth University, a writer, editor and abstract artist. He has many books of poetry in print, including A Confusion of Marys, with Sarah Cave (Shearsman Books, 2020). Read a conversation between Rupert Loydell and Sarah Cave, Angels, aliens, and annunciations.

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